The Order of Red Lions


An experiment of the Immortal Flames, the Order of Red Lions is a joint-effort of all three Grand Companies comprised of adventurers and soldiers alike. Led by the Red Lioness and her husband, they seek to protect the innocent, avenge the oppressed, and dispense punishment to those who cruelly harm others.

<RL-RP> is dedicated to adventure and story roleplay with a heavy emphasis on character development. We believe that adventure roleplay often involves combat or challenges, but it does not always mean combat roleplay is involved. It can mean solving mysteries, seeking cures, researching artifacts, etc.

While we acknowledge that social, casual roleplay has it's place and partake in it from time to time, it is far from our primary focus. Though all are welcome, players who are seeking that sort of atmosphere will likely be unsatisfied.

About the Job Faire

Merc looking for work? A Grand Company soldier looking to serve your cause? Fresh in the adventurers guild? Bored? Then this event is for you! Having been sanctioned by the Grand Companies, The Order of Red Lions will be opening their common area to dish out jobs to those willing to keep Eorzea safe and sound! Come pick up some work and prepare your blade, wand, or bow!

(The purpose of this event is to make contacts and schedule one-shot jobs or mini-plots, hosted by the Order of Red Lions and growing Brynhildr RP community. THIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT, CAFE, OR BAR RP SCENE. While those elements will be present, the purpose of the event is to gather people to schedule adventure/story RP at a later date. That said, all are welcome!)


Crystal Datacenter
Brynhildr World
Goblet, Ward 10, Plot 51


In-Game: Kadrawin Ravanian
Discord: Marauder#7380

In-Game: Maaru Ravanian
Discord: Lazerkitten#0565

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